Wednesday, 27 August 2008

An intruder on the blog!

Good evening readers of the Mummy and Poppy Blog ... Daddy has hacked the account and is here to write a 'guest' entry on the blog!

I have two subjects to blog about in this entry, the first being the Tuesday 'Gang' that invaded Bursledon this Tuesday just gone, with the photographic evidence showing in the entry before this one!

Readers, i have to tell you the truth, what you dont see from looking at that picture, what goes on behind the scenes. Now, not wanting to be a tell tell, however when i went to work on Tuesday morning, the bottle bin was empty ... Tuesday evening, full of Vodka bottles! Have i undercovered the secret of these weekly meetings, why the gang is on the sofa, the 'Mums' are having a secret tipple or two! Oh well, it seems to keep them going, and i understand that the group continues to grow!

My second subject is nappies! I think i do my fare share of nappy changes, and have never shyed away from them, in fact i was the first to change Poppy's nappy! However with me running away to work each day i do miss out on some of the more 'colourful' nappies that Poppy produces .. however i did get caught over the bank holiday weekend. Firstly, how does white milk/formula change into chicken korma! Secondly, wow, when it arrives it arrives with a certain amount of force that almost blows Poppy's nappy off! What do we have to come in the future, i think it gets worse before it gets better!!

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