Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tuesday 19th August 2008

Firstly, today is Auntie Kriszta's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Secondly, we had a fab day at Tanya's house. There was Poppy and I, Trish, Adam and Lewis and of course Tanya and Connor. Unfortunately, Naomi, Heidi and May could not make it as Heidi is poorly with a virus. Get well soon Heidi! Hope you can make next Tuesday, as we missed you all this week.

Our weekly meets are vital to my sanity! It was fate that we were all on the same ward at the same time! We were meant to be thrown together and helps that we all get on so well! I feel like I have known them all for so long!

Poppy and I love our weekly get together. I love the fact that we are not alone and can talk about anything. We compare things that are happening in our lives and with our kids and giving and receiving advice and opinions. I love it and really look forward to them each week.

Poppy wore the dress that I originally bought for her to wear home from the hospital! It was far too big for her 10 weeks ago, and only just fitted her today! By the time we had fed, it was too tight around the tummy! Another dress for our "too small box!" I should open a baby clothes shop with the amount of new clothes that don't fit anymore!

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