Friday, 8 August 2008

Friday 8th August 2008

Today is Daddy's first day off for a while and we are going to spend some quality family time together! No doubt Poppy will sleep as we walk around the shops, and of course visit the Apple Store!

First thing this morning I was up finishing building the Fisher Price Rain forest cradle swing we bought off of EBay. We received it on Wednesday and I have to say I would be embarrassed to have sent it! It was packaged so badly. It was wrapped in a black bin liner with the major parts of it just brown taped to the outside of the box!!! I am very surprised it wasn't broken!

Anyway, after thoroughly disinfecting and washing it, it is built! Poppy had her first ride in it, and we think she liked it! Well she must have, as she is now sound asleep in her cot upstairs!!!

Gadget has decided that he can cope with being outside, so we are letting him out during the day and keeping him in at night! I don't think he minds, as he curls up on the bed or on Poppy's nursing chair!

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