Thursday, 14 August 2008

Thursday 14th August 2008

Firstly, Happy Birthday to Katherine Angold! I think she is 15 today! Also, Happy Wedding Anniversary to Wayne and Maria Verrier! They have been married for ever!!!

Today was Poppy's first injections. Luckily Simon has taken the day off work to be there with us. 10.30am we bundle into the surgery and go into the Nurse's room.

Poppy was so brave! She cried, but not for long and she got 2 plasters!

We then went into Southampton, as the bloody steriliser died again! It only lasted 4 days this time! So I got a refund and we are now trying the Tommee Tippee steriliser! We will see how that goes!

We had some lunch and wondered around the shops for a bit before coming home.

We also stopped at the art gallery that is just below the food court in West Quay. We cannot make up our mind which picture to get for Poppy's bedroom! Oh the decisions!

Tonight is bath night for me and Poppy!

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