Saturday, 21 May 2011

When the family is away ....

This weekend i have been left home alone while Poppy and Jo visit Berkshire for the weekend.  So what to do when the family is away!

Well following a busy day of visiting Southampton and ensuring our favourite coffee shop is doing ok.

Photo May 21 10 53 30 AM
The items in this photo being just nutritional items, carefully selected to ensure that i get through the day!

After that i was straight out into the garden.  You would of read before in the blog how hard Jo has worked in the garden, and i cannot take any credit for that, however i do like to see a lawn mown, and so to maintain the 'chelsea garden' look (!) i went to work on the lawn, now despite what you might be told, it does not take long to mow the lawn and trim the edges, take a look:

Now, with the work done, its 'beer o'clock' !

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