Thursday, 12 June 2008

Poppy is in the house

At just after 7pm yesterday evening Poppy had her first adventure into the big wide world! By that i mean she had to put up with her Dad's driving as she was given the all clear to come home!

So Poppy is home and has spent her first night at Hotel De Butler, Southampton Branch.

For some reason the instruction manual is missing for Poppy at the moment so we are finding our way around at the moment, and i am sure that is the way it should be.

Poppy has had a tour of her new home, stopping off at the important stops such as the iPod collection (her inheritance!) and having a peek at the website to give it her official approval!

Its great to have Poppy home and we could not of done it without the help of the excellent team at Princess Anne Hospital.

As far as the three of us are concerned all the team at the hospital went above and beyond to help us .. so thank-you to all of them.


  1. Jo, Simon (and of course) Poppy!

    Hi guys sorry i didn't get the chance to see you before you escaped to begin your BIG new adventure together.

    Sending love and happiness for all the exciting things to come!!

    Laura (Midwife)

  2. 'Auntie' Laura,

    Thank-you so much for leaving a message and for all your support and help ... Your a Star.

    Enjoy your holiday,

    Jo, Simon and especially Poppy.