Friday, 20 June 2008

Like my new motor?

Well today mark's Poppy's two week birthday! Amazing, that this time two week's ago she had just made her entrance!

Firstly, and most importantly, Poppy and Mummy are doing well. She has already grown and is getting the hang of the feeding, crying, sleeping etc etc etc!

Tomorrow is our first big outing out, we are heading for Berkshire for the weekend, and hence the picutre of Poppy on a test run in her new motor! Despite her Mum's driving she survived!

We have been extremley lucky, and our girl has already been very spoilt with gifts galour, so thank-you to everybody that has treated our little girl, she loves all her stuff.

Lastly, i hate to raise this, but having just clicked on the photo, which then enlarges the picture, my question is: 'is my daughter giving me the finger?!?!'.

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