Thursday, 22 November 2007

Day 5 - A day out

We decided to take a trip out today, one of the reasons was to build up an appetite as we would be visiting Jamie Oliver's 'gaff' in the evening, 'Fifteen Cornwall' for a meal.

We headed to the south coast and after a forced stop at 'M & S' (yes they do have them down this way), we arrived at the Minack Theatre. We had all visited before but it is just one of the best locations down here. For those of you now aware of the location, it is a outdoor theatre that is built in to the cliff edge. It is an incredible bit of building made even more amazing that it was achieved by a single woman with shear determination. I am sure that the story can be told much better by having a look at there website and if you get the chance, visiting the theatre (don't worry you don't have to see a play!)

We had lunch at the theatre and then headed back to get ready for our evening out.

Fifteen lived up to its expectations. It was not cheap, but you did not really expected it to be. The atmosphere was good, it was not packed but there was enough people there so you did not feel self conscious that all the staff were watching you eat!

Its a fixed menu with a few choices on two of the courses, in all there was 6 courses! (including the coffee and fudge!).

Our only minor criticism was that there was approx 30 mins wait between the pasta course and the main course which as just a bit too long, but that aside it was an incredible evening, and one that you would want to repeat again.

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