Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Day 5 - The Big Day!

Day 5 - Wednesday 19th September 2007, and our big day has arrived.

Its just gone 7am and we are both up, i have just done the coffee run and Jo is in the shower. Mental note - its the wife's job to get the coffee from now on!

We are just off to get some breakfast (all you can eat pancakes is on the menu this morning!!!) and then i am off to the shopping mall to get my suit, only joking! Just looking for some cufflinks that play 'Elvis' when you press them .. well that's what i have told Jo!

Jo is off the Spa/Salon for a touch up! of the makeup and hair variety - apparently the touch up of the other variety comes after the wedding!!! (sorry mother!)

We had a good evening last night, Mamma Mia was good, although it could not match the West End. Jo enjoyed her frozen margarita although she might be feeling it a little this morning!

Photos will follow later ...

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