Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Day 4 - Who told the press?!

OJ.jpgOk come on, own up, who was it!?

We went to the county court this morning to get our wedding license for tomorrow. Tommy our taxi driver took us from the hotel to the court. We turned the corner to find all the press camped out, outside the courthouse. Now who told them that we were getting married tomorrow!!!

Well ok, it might not of been us, it could be the fact that OJ Simpson was due in court to see if he could get bail! Not sure if it has made much of the headlines in the UK, but over here its big news that OJ has been arrested again!

After dining half way up the Eifel Tower at lunchtime we are off to see a show this evening - Mama Mia!


  1. Hi guys

    Have a fabulous day today. We'll be thinking of you and we'll be in the pub having a drink for you both.
    Lots of love
    Ness, Phil and Trev

  2. Hi Ness, Phil & Trev
    Thanks for your best wishes, Simon is off getting coffee at the mo! Most important ingredient of the day! Feeling very calm at the mo, but it is only 7.30am!PS Frozen margharita's are great!!!!
    See you all soon
    Jo & Simon