Monday, 17 September 2007

Day 2 - Las Vegas!

New York.jpgWe are here!!

Not the best of journeys. Firstly we taxied out to the runway and then the captain told us we had a valve that was closed which should be open!!! So back we went - it was fixed quickly but we were delayed by about an hour and a half. In that time we used a ton and a half of fuel going from the terminal to the runway and back!!!

Once we were on our way it took them half the flight to get the in seat entertainment system working, not that it worried us too much as i was watching my iPod and Jo was finishing off Harry!!

We can't says that Virgin lived up to our expectations - the flight was ok, but not great, certainly not better that First Choice, and no where near the standards of Emirates. Possibly because it was a charter flight and not a scheduled one, but not what we were expecting - although it was ok.

I next have to report that Jo is no longer a virgin on Virgin Atlantic!!! Now what do i mean - no, i don't mean the mile high club - i mean that that the landing at Las Vegas, or the approach was really bumpy and it upset Jo's stomach and for the first time on a flight she had to use the emergency bag!!! Once she was off the plan apart from feeling a little giddy and a headache she is ok - just not the welcome to Vegas we were expecting.

Anyhow, we are now at our hotel, and New York, New York has so far lived up to expectation. The lobby, casino floor is unbelievable. The room is good although its going to take some getting use too, a roller coaster flying past your window every so often!!

Both tired now, so going to chill, have a little bit of food and rest .and then .. watch out Vegas, here we come!!

PS - Nice to see O J Simpson is still in Vegas with us !!!!

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