Saturday, 13 April 2013


Porthleven has long held happy memories, it was a childhood summer holiday location, although my memory fails me in how many times we have stayed here.

However I do recall it being the home of one of the most memorable card games in the Butler history!!

Since then I, and Jo, have visited on a few occasions, but only as day trippers. So this weekend is a first for Poppy and a long overdue visit for me!

Within 15 mins of our arrival Poppy was on the beach, and as you will have seen from the other blog entry, dodging waves in the first evening, so I think it so far has the Poppy seal of approval.

Day 1 of our trip has involved a zoo, a road trip, Porthleven, beach, wave dodging and an attempt at a log fire, not bad for a first day.

I am currently in bed, with a fast asleep Poppy listening to the waves, wind and rain, I don't think we are going to be blessed with the sun today!

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