Sunday, 4 November 2012

Remember remember the 5th Nov .....

As kids, one of the events i remember is the yearly fireworks display, always held at the recreation ground just behind Westview in Wargrave.  By chance we have been in Wargrave this weekend when the display was on, so i thought it was rude not to go and visit!

I did have to go on my own, as the girls - well Poppy, is not a great fan of the noise, and having survived a display the night before she was not keen to see, or hear, more!

Well i am pleased to say that not too much has changed - they still had a bonfire, the fireworks were in fact pretty good, and the scouts/cubs were still selling hotdogs and burgers.
In fact the only things that had changed were the exact location - its now held on the 'new' part of the rec, and they did not have any catherine wheels!

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