Friday, 6 April 2012

The reserves are called in ....

Hello blog readers!

Yes we are a little behind in keeping you updated, however, be prepared for a few updates this coming weekend .. after all, its a long weekend, so here we go ...

First, lets take you back to March, i know, its April already, where does the time go!

Having taken Mum for a meal at the George & Dragon before her birthday, as we were not expecting to see her over her birthday weekend, we were called up to go to Cornwall at the last moment due to sickness!

So the Butler team packed up the car on a Friday afternoon and headed for Cornwall too meet the birthday girl and give 'fab' auntie Sue some back up for the weekend! And apart from a quick stop for food we made very good time and landed in Cornwall just after 9pm on Friday evening.

Having landed, we crashed fairly quickly, and it was not until the next morning that we managed to explore the 'camp' for the weekend, and it was not too bad at all !!

After breakfast we headed for Padstow for the day, i should of said that base camp was in a place called Rock, which is across the estuary from Padstow

The quickest route from Rock to Padstow is across the water, so with a wave of the red flag, we summoned the taxi and headed for Padstow. We did have a small shower to contend with, however it was the only real shower of the day, so we were lucky.

Now for me, Padstow was not the most exciting place in the world, its a small fishing village that has had a big boost to the economy because Rick Stein has set up shop in the village.

However, it was nice to wander around, and for me, the best bit was lunch! And of course what else could you have when you are beside the sea, and in Steinstow, but Rick Steins fish and chips!

So we took the pensioner who had just started her 66th year for lunch, and i have to say, it lived up to expectations, it was a vey good lunch!

Oh, and because it was St Patrick's Day, what else could i have but a pint of Guinness, which went down very well with the fish and chips.

Having enjoyed lunch, and another wander around the six shops of Padstow we jumped on the ferry and headed back to Rock ... and time for the beach ...

Some were more active on the beach than others!

After a very busy day, it was back to the camp for an evening of lasagne and no chips and a glass of wine or two!

And lastly from our trip to Cornwall, the traditional cake and candle blowing out ceremony!

We had a lovely weekend, great company, lovely location and a weekend we were not expecting at all.

Happy Birthday Mum! (oh and Happy Mother's Day!)

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