Sunday, 26 February 2012

The start of my 42nd Year

Well, it arrived, and firstly - Dad - it does not feel any different!

Now the important birthday business is out of the way, secondly, thank-you to everybody for my birthday wishes, i had a very good day, lunch with the wife and some nice presents, followed by ballon, cakes and more presents on the Saturday, yes, my birthday has pretty much lasted all weekend!

Now some would say that i am a difficult person to buy for, however, i would disagree, of course anything with an Apple logo on it would make me smile, but also give me a little bit of Lego and it keeps me busy for a few hours.

Below is a video of me and my helper (Poppy) building a Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter, which took us about 2hrs. 

Next i have a X Wing Starfighter to build, however that will have to wait until tomorrow!

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