Thursday, 23 February 2012

Poppy and Daddy in Bournemouth

Jo, having done her two week 'stint' of looking after Poppy while Nanny is in Australia, it was my turn this week, which is turning into an annual thing, as i was off this time last year .. and if my memory serves me correctly, this day last year we were in London for the day, visiting London Zoo.

This year, well firstly, Poppy has not been well. She was under the weather on Sunday, came home early from pre-school on Monday and although better, is still not 100%, so we have taken it a little easier this year!

Wednesday was pretty much a lazy day at home, well, apart from a trip out to top up on pets for Poppy, the picture below is of the two new additions to the family!

The weather was pretty poor for Wednesday, and so we were hoping for better weather on the Thursday so that we could get out and do something, the plan being to head to Bournemouth and visit the Aquarium.

Thursday morning started out as grey and overcast, however we hit the road just after 10am, and at 10:15am Poppy was taking her mid-morning nap, saving her energy for Bournemouth!

And after a slight delay, while Poppy finished her nap in a Bournemouth car park, we were ready to head out!

We walked along the seafront to the aquarium and headed in ... and i have to say, it was not the biggest success. I had visited the aquarium before, but it was smaller than i remember, it also had a few dark areas that Poppy did not like at all, so we did 'fly' through the building, probably lasting about an hour.

Having done some walking, and looking at fish, it must be time to eat! And our timing was perfect as it had just gone 12pm, so we headed to one of our favourite haunts, it was noodle time !!!

Yes, lunch was at Wagamamas, and Poppy had her noodles, and what is turning into one of her favourite things, edamame beans

What had happened, while we were in the aquarium, and having lunch, was the sun had come out, and the afternoon was turning into a lovely one - in fact the mildest day of the year so far, with the temperature being around 16 degrees.

So what else to do, but hit the beach .. so after getting some essential supplies (chocolate buttons and water!) we did!

The picture below is camp Butler!

Now if you think that Poppy stayed like that ... well you don't know her very well !!

Yes .. we made Sand Angels, as you might of been able to see in the first picture from this blog entry!

And that is it, Bournemouth done!

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