Friday, 3 February 2012

Plane take off delayed due to Kindle user ..... ?!

Its that time of year when Mum decides to head south and visit the Aussie Butler's for a few weeks, and she has picked the perfect time to go. As i write this blog entry, on the train going to work, its minus 5 outside (as you will see from the photo below) and there is a threat of snow this weekend. The snow has apparently already hit europe and killed 160 people!

And i am pleased to say that Mum has made it safe and well to Australia, and just to rub it in, she has already told us the sun is shining and its lovely!

However, she did not have the smoothest journey, at least not to start with, as the plane was delayed for over 2hrs on the runway due to a fault.

What has come to light, is that one of the passengers, not saying who, left the WiFi on her (or his!) Kindle on. We all know that they tell you to switch it off during take off and landing, so we can only wonder if that was part of the problem and why the flight was delayed for over 2hrs!

Anyhow, the flight did take off, they did land in Singapore, and the plane from Singapore to Brisbane was still waiting for Mum, and so she is safe and sound in Australia ... and we are getting cold here!

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