Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bed time.....

After what has seemed like months, Poppy's new bed arrived and today was the day of the big build!

We were presently surprised with what we found in the 6 big boxes that had arrived.  You may wonder why surprised seeing as it was us that had picked it, but whenever you order anything off the internet you are a little dubious, and we had had a few problems with the company and actually delivering the bed, however, the final product .. we were pleased with.

Below is a short video, just over 25 seconds long, which shows the big build ... it actually took us all day!

Poppy is now tucked up and fast asleep in her new bed ... although she was not so keen  on settling down in her new bed, she feel asleep on the sofa instead .. !

We have a few finishing touches tomorrow, however, a few pictures to show off the near final product!

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