Monday, 7 November 2011

A lazy Sunday ...

Well not totally lazy, as our Sunday started with a quick walk along Fistral Beach while Jo woke up slowly!

As you can see from the picture above, Poppy wanted to add her own touch to my 'sunrise' picture!

Following our walk along the beach, and breakfast we headed out, and it was Zoo time! Newquay has its own zoo and apart from a trip i made many years ago we have not been to the zoo, so we thought it was about time we did, and a good way to build up an appetite for Sunday lunch!

And the zoo turned out to be really good. Its a small zoo, which would not take you very long to walk around if you were not paying much attention, but we had a lovely wander around, and with the weather being so kind to us, it was a perfect Sunday morning wander.

Before we even drove into Cornwall we both knew what we would be doing on Sunday lunchtime, and introducing Poppy too, and that was to have a traditional Sunday roast at the Fort Inn.

The pub in question is not the best in the world, but its ok, its family friendly, big and gets very busy, which to us is a good indicator that it is popular with the locals, and in particular on a Sunday when they have a Sunday carvery.

And so, after our trip to the zoo we headed straight to the pub, and picked our camp for the next few hours. The lunch lived up to expectations, although Poppy opted for sausages and mash instead!

The walk along the beach, and the zoo had worn Poppy out, as she was fast asleep in her buggy (which we had to go and get) by the time our second round of drinks arrived !!!

Following our lunch, and a quick walk around town we headed back, and just in time for a sunset on Fistral beach!

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