Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Having been a little behind with our blog updates, i am now trying to catch up, and with a handy new lens for my iPhone i have been able to take the below pictures which do a little justice to the magic that Jo has been performing in our lounge. 

Sadly no before and after pictures at the moment, i was not quick enough to do that, but here you can see the end results of Jo's hard work.
You will see from the picture that the room has had a full makeover with one wall wallpapered, a fresh coat of paint (lime green) a new rug, and a new sofa.  Jo took just one day to perform this amazing makeover and with just a few tweaks since its looking really good.  We do have a few more things to do, which includes the relocation of the iPod display cabinet, i know !
Mum, before you ask, the picture does look a bit 'round' as it was taken with a fisheye lens, the lens on the camera making it look like it was taken through a fisheye !!  What it does, is allow you to get much more in the picture!

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