Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Street Party

One of our neighbours has organised a street party to celebrate the marriage of Prince William & Catherine Middleton.

Once I had managed to watch a tiny bit of the ceremony (Poppy really was not that bothered!) We went for a walk to try and get Poppy to have a little nap before the party started. We walked all around the estate and then into tesco's and then back home. Needless to say it didn't work!

So I decided to risk the party with a semi tired Poppy. I was hoping the fresh air would wear her out!

How wrong could I be! Poppy just got more and more tired and unbearable! We lasted an hour and a half and was back home by 3.30pm!

It was really nice to meet all the people who live in out street, and I think we are definitely going to take more advantage of the grass area halfway up the road! There must have been at least 40 residents when we left, and Simon said it was still going when he cane home later tonight. There was flags & bunting everywhere!

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