Monday, 25 April 2011

The Easter Weekend

Well the Easter weekend is drawing to a close and its been a good four days.  We have been extremely lucky with the weather which has enabled Jo to get on and beautify the garden a little more with some more flowers and things .. and because i call them 'things' we had 'Nanny' visit and stay over the weekend to offer her gardening advice.
The BBQ has been well and truly used this weekend, and i am very pleased i went with the charcoal option.  As you will know from the last blog we also added a chimera to the garden and we used it again last night, and again it was a big success, both in that it kept us warm so we could sit out longer, and i did not set the fence alight!

I leave you with a short video to close this blog entry and its one of Poppy enjoying the garden, and took me back to being a kid at Westview and enjoying the simple pleasures of a hose pipe and a sprinkler attachment .. there was many a summer we enjoyed that!

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