Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tent time

As a kid I can remember making tents in our rooms and pretend camping! I'm not sure I was as young as Poppy but she loves that we made a tent in the living room today! She is all ready for the festival season now!
Daddy is at work this weekend and staying at Nanny's to make sure all is ok while she is in Oz.
So a girlie weekend it is! Yesterday we stayed in and concentrated on potty training! Lots of hits and a pooey miss!

And should you of had any doubt that Poppy liked her tent, it is now just gone 8pm, the tent has been re-located to the front of the house, and Poppy is 'in' her tent, drinking milk, watching Mickey Mouse on her iPad, and eating cake that she baked earlier!

In the picture above, that is Poppy resting her weary head on a pillow, the iPad is on the chair, along with her milk and cake, the flash has made it look nice and light, but its actually quite dark!

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