Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mickey Time is getting close

For regular blog readers you will know that we have been planning a trip to Disneyland Paris for awhile, well, that day is getting very close!  Tomorrow morning we head to London, and after an overnight stay in London we catch the Eurostar direct to the park!

As ever, we intend to blog, and share our photos as much as possible, so check back when you are able to, hopefully you will find something new on each visit.

We have been asked a few times if Poppy is excited about the trip, however the truth is we dont think she really gets that we are going away, however we know she is looking forward to a train ride, and when she sees Mickey, well, she will either run a mile, or give him a big hug!  Either way, we will let you know how it goes.  That is of course not forgetting that there is another big kid on the the trip, Jo has been counting down the days, and i am sure Mickey, and the rest of the team will get a big hug, again, the photo evidence will appear on this blog!  I am looking forward to the trip too, and especially the movie studio side of the park ... oh, and apparently there is a Apple store in Paris ?!?!

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