Sunday, 13 March 2011

Day one done

Well we have pretty much completed Day 1, and its been a busy day. On leaving Reading, we got a direct train to Paddington where we had to get the tube to Kings Cross, however that was not as easy as usual as there was some engineering work going on, so we had to take a trip that involved a number of changes, and lots of stairs! Stairs are not a major issue until you have two cases and a Poppy! Poppy was brilliant, and myself and Jo now have longer arms!

We checked into our hotel which is 2mins from the Eurostar Terminal before going in search of food!

We ended up in a Pizza Express which turned out to be a good choice, again Poppy was really good and despite being worn out from our travel fun she had a good go at the food on offer

We are pretty sure that her favourite was the dessert which was dough balls and Nutella chocolate and a frothy cappuccino, which was very funny seeing her drink:

As you can imagine, and see below, she did struggle a little to stay clean, but she really enjoyed it!

So thats it, Day 1 done, we are now back in the hotel, watching a little bit of TV and more than likely an early night. We start our next part of the journey just after 9am tomorrow morning when we jump on a train to Disney!

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