Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hat Sunday ...

Today was declared Hat Sunday .. why, well easy, we were wearing hats, as you will see from the photos below:

 We were on a trip to Westfield London for the day, after an evening spent at Wargrave, so we headed for Westfield fairly early for London standards.  For those of you that dont know, Westfield London is right next door to BBC Televison Centre, and in west London, not too far from the West end, and as we were so close we decided to take Poppy on her first tube ride.

So, Nanny, Mummy, Daddy, and Poppy all jumped on the tube and headed to Regent Streets via the Central Line.  And although Poppy was a little cautious to start with, as soon as we got off, she wanted to get on again .. i think we an say she was a natural, and maybe a bit of a Londoner!
Following a visit to the Apple Store to pay our respects, and a quick Starbucks we headed back to Westfield for lunch (thank-you Nanny) and then a wander around the shops.  Poppy was on top form, and by the end of the afternoon there was 3 tired adults and a Poppy who still seemed to have some energy, although she was asleep before we left the car park!

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