Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Smoko or Elevensies

Following a weekend of a poorly Poppy and a day of a very sleepy and unwell Poppy yesterday we think there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Jo took Poppy back to the Doctors last night and she was given another medicine to try.  Her throat was a little better but her ear was very red, so another medicine was prescribed - Poppy has said so far of this medicine - 'yum yum' and then 'yuck' !  However it does seem to be working as she is much brighter this morning.

So we have showered and dressed and done some jobs around the house this morning, and after we came in from outside, we decided we needed a mid morning break - for some called a 'elevensie' or for others a 'smoko'.  Whichever you call it, one thing cannot be denied in the Butler household, is that Jacobs crackers and cheese are traditional!

Dad for as long as i can remember always went to work with his 'elevensies' of crackers and cheese, not just any old crackers but Jacobs crackers and whatever we were doing, we would always break to have them.

I must point out that the crackers on the left are mine, and the crackers on the right are Poppy's.  I know that they are not exactly as Dad would of had them, he always made his crackers with a thin spread of butter and they would of been put on top of each other like a sandwich, however, we are having crackers and cheese in the best tradition of it all!

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