Saturday, 11 December 2010

Poppy's Nursery Christmas Party 2010

Today is the day that Poppy has her first Christmas Party.  In fact, it is her first party!  We set off at 9.30am to go and collect Nanny and Grampy, then went onto the venue.  However, we got lost! The party was at the local community centre, which was in the middle of a housing estate near Poppy's Nursery.  We arrived to a room of hyperactive 2+ year olds and their parents!  Balloons everywhere!  We found a corner for Nanny and Grampy to sit in, then it was off to mingle!  We played pass the parcel, sang some Christmas Songs and then danced.  Poppy then sat down to have some lunch consisting of a packet of Pom Bears, cheese roll, mini sausages and buscuits. 

Father Christmas then made an appearance and had presents for all the kids.  Poppy was very tired by that time and got rather upset when Father Christmas came up to her!  But she took the present, which was a Charlie & Lola book!  It was 12.15pm when we left, and Poppy fell asleep in the car on the way home!  Merry Christmas and hope you like the pics.


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