Thursday, 2 December 2010

Thursday 2nd December 2010


Today I have been snowed in!  The office has been closed and I cant get out of the drive, let alone down the road and onto the motorway.  Unfortunately, email still works and work collegues have emailed me work to do! 

There is at least a foot of snow, and it still kept coming until mid afternoon. 

Poppy and Simon are saying a 2nd night up in Wargrave, and I am missing them lots!  Its no fun in the snow on your own, and the cats dont want to play outside with me!!  Infact, they have only gone out for pee breaks and then back in!  Watch out for yellow snow!

I did venture over to Tesco's this morning, it was very quite surprisingly!  So I now have at least food for 3 days!  Although I have drunk so much coffee today I am nearly out!  Doh!

Enjoy the pics of our snow!

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