Thursday, 14 October 2010


Well so far on our week off we have been busy. Following our history lesson on Monday I went off to London and Jo spent the day fighting fleas!!

On Wednesday we dropped off our little bundle at her Nan's (thank-you Mum) and headed to Brighton via Bluewater.

Jo had a pamper session booked in and I had my own pamper session with a pint of Guinness and this lovely plate of food:

Last night we went to the cinema and watched 'The Social Network' a film about the start of Facebook. It was really good and a nice evening out. And then we slept, and slept until 08:30 ... That was good!

We are now sitting in Starbucks having mid morning coffee before heading back. The picture below being our view from the window of Starbucks in The Lanes in Brighton.

We will be heading to Wargrave soon and then home but it's not the end of our busy week, we are heading to Chessington with the Swindon gang at the weekend.

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