Thursday, 1 July 2010

The garden episode continues!

Well, I bet you all thought what a fantastic garden the Southern Butler's have now!!!  Well, you are right.  However, there is one part of it that is a bone of contention!

The WALL!  It has bugged me from the day it was built!  After talking to the builder, he gave me a load of waffle and ignored my worries!  That was when it was built, WONKY! 5.4 degrees wonky!

Then when they built the pillars, which were a total after thought after I complained it was wonky, they are not ever level with the wall!  They also tried to hide it by filling the gap!

They then came back 2 days ago to flatten the lawn, which they should have done before laying the lawn, they knocked one of the top bricks and it has come loose!!!

That was the last straw for me and I called in our Landlord for backup when the builder came for his final payment (which he will not be getting! EVER).  I pointed out all the problems, and he started arguing with me!  He kept pointing out how much he had done for free!  I told him he should have given us a more realistic quote in the first place!!  Donkey business man!  I told hm to shut up about the free bits, as he offered to do them.  Who would turn down free work?  I tell you!!!!

Anyway, our Landlord organised for an independent building surveyor to come and have a look at the wall today (1st July 2010), and he is going to write a report for us.  Basically, they wall has been built crap and needs to be taken down and built properly, it is not safe and I need it safe for Poppy!

Nik!  I think you should jump on the next plane and get your butt over here and build me a damn good wall the way they should be built! 

Anyway, when we receive the report, our Landlord is going to talk to the builder.  Watch this space!!!!  I have to say, I don't want that man anywhere near my wall anymore!  He can swivel for his last payment, as it will need to go towards a new builder to fix it!!!

Rant over  xxx
We are waiting for the s


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