Saturday, 20 February 2010

A request ...

We have had a request for a photo of us!  Well, we are not the best at being in front of the camera, however we have taken a few pictures so here is one!  
As you can see this was taken on top of the Rockefeller building and the Empire State Building is in the background.  In answer to some questions - No Mum i have not shaved, yes we did take the photo ourselves, yes it was bloody cold up there and no, you cant have a copy!

This is the New York forecast for the next few days, as you can see we have a good few days and then the day after we leave, they have snow forecast.  You may have noticed that in a lot of our photographs there is snow, and there is actually lots of snow around, we are expecting Central Park to be covered in snow today.  However they are talking about snow storms for Tuesday / Wednesday!!


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