Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Yes we are a few days later with our New Year wishes however, we have not had much to report!  We had a very quiet New Year's, in fact at midnight all three of us were cuddled up in bed watching Big Ben strike on our iPhone!  How else are you to watch it!!

Today we have ventured out as it was a lovely cold and crisp day, the sun was shining but the temperature gauge did not get above 3c all day!  

Our destination was Bournemouth where we had a stroll along the sea front, a nice lunch in the pub, where Poppy had a feast! And then back along the sea front and a wander around the town.  It was damn cold, especially with the sea breeze, but it was also nice to get some fresh air.  We are now back in the warm.  Poppy did gain and extra bruise, she had a little fall and banged her head, so another bruise to add to her collection!!  

A few of the pictures that we took today are now on our FlickR photo page.

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