Monday, 21 December 2009

Stranded in Reading!

Its just coming up to 10:30pm at night, and i am in a hotel room about 100yds from where i work!  At about 2pm today it started snowing in Reading, and has not stopped since.  Its not just been a light snow fall, it is probably best described as a massive dump of snow on Berkshire and North Hampshire.

What that has meant is total gridlock in Reading!  No buses, train services poor, and no clear route out of Reading.

The picture below is one of the roundabout outside The Oracle.  At this time of night it would normally be deserted, but instead, as you can see, its jammed packed full of cars, and all around the place are abandoned cars!

The snow is still falling and the severe weather warning is in force until tomorrow.  I'm lucky i have a hotel room, i am not stuck in a car trying to get out, others have been in there cars for 5/6 hours already.  Others dont or cant get a hotel room.  The Oracle is staying open overnight so at least people have somewhere warm to go if they need it.


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