Thursday, 19 November 2009

London Christmas Lights

Following on from our trip to the Marmite store we continued our wander around London and had a peek at the Christmas lights and we think that the decorations in Carnaby Street win this year .. they are a little different, and not traditional, as you would probably expect for Carnaby Street.

The lights in Regent Steet and Oxford Street were more traditional, and were basically plugging the new Jim Carey 'Christmas Carol' film.  They were ok, and looked good in the dark, but nothing amazing!

Our last stop was at Westfield shopping centre at Shepherds Bush.  We were a day early for there light switch on, which is happening today (Thursday) with Maria Carey switching them on, no doubt chaos there this evening, so we are glad we went yesterday!

The rest of our pictures from our London trip are on the FlickR account, thumbnails of the pics can be seen in the left hand column of this blog!


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