Monday, 14 September 2009

Westward Ho!

Westward Ho! a small little costal village in North Devon holds some very special memories from my childhood, however as with many things the years have not been kind to the village, it started going down hill a good many years ago, some would say since the Butler's have stopped going .. however it might be a little bigger than that!

However, the curious in us keeps bringing us back every so often to see what has become of the place and to also relive some happy memories.

Today was a little special as it meant Poppy got to see Westward Ho! for the first time, and she was lucky. The weather was superb, the fish and chips were amazing and the sunset, a beautiful North Devon sunset.

I actually think Westward Ho! has turned the tide and is coming back, sadly not as a nice little holiday resort, as we remember it as kids, but as a nice seaside residential area. Some of the flats that have been built are an eyesore in my opinion, but they seem to be starting to blend into there surroundings because there are a number of them!

So, day 1 complete. We are back in the hotel room, Poppy has explored the whole room, tried every switch, and is now snoring quietly in her cot!

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