Monday, 13 July 2009

Slimmer of the week ...

Jo has been awarded the Slimmer of the Week award this week at Slimming World, it’s a bit like SpiceWorld but without the SpiceGirls!

What i would like to share with you is the prize that Jo won, as it’s a bit like a harvest festival crossed with jealous women getting there revenge for somebody who has done well for the week ... as the prize is food! Yep, you have to bring in food which goes into a basket and then the person who is voted the slimmer of the week is given the food ... ok ok, that sounds worse than what it is, as the food you win is 'free', free in both you dont have to pay for it (What type of prize would that be) and its free in terms of Syns .. the points you get when you have bad food !!

So my skinny wife is doing good .. but i find the 'Slimmer of the Week Award' amusing!

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