Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Sport of Kings ...

Poppy was introduced to the sport of kings on Thursday evening with a trip to Windsor race course, that is Windsor horse racing! It of course followed a Butler tradition, as kids we visited Windsor races when they were having the evening races in the summer, where we would go to the centre of the course and have a picnic and run riot and watch the racing. Dad would have 50p each way and of course come away with about the same as he arrived with! As i got older we continued to go to the races while Dad worked in Windsor so it was good to go back and show Poppy what it was all about. It was not the best of evenings in terms of the weather and that we got stuck in the car park for over an hour, but the time we spent at the course was good, Poppy loved the horse thundering down the track and although we did not have any winners it was a good evening. Our next trip will need to include the winners ring so we can see more of the horses.

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