Saturday, 14 February 2009

Our big adventure ....

Each day i travel about 50miles to work, the journey usually takes about an hour. During the recent snow, it might of taken me an extra half hour, but it was fine.

Then came Wednesday 11th February!

As usual i set out just before 6am, the only unusual thing was that i had Poppy in the car with me as she was heading to Wargrave for the day, and i offered to drop her off!

The snow had gone, but there was a heavy frost and talk on the travel news of icy roads and flooding .. maybe that should of been a clue to the adventure that was shortly going to confront us!

At about 06:30hrs we headed out of Basingstoke on the A33 to Reading to find that the road was closed (we later found out the road was flooded), ok, so what do we do, well we went back to Basingstoke and headed for Hook. Hook was fine and we headed for Reading from Hook. On a very sharp right hand turn there was a transit van who had gone straight on into the road signs, all three occupants were out of the vehicle and were fine so we carried on, but not for very far as the traffic suddenly stopped!

About this time Poppy woke up, and realised that it was nearly breakfast time! We queued on the Hook road for about 20mins when i made the decision to turn back to the M3. As we headed back, 2 more cars had had an accident on the sharp right hand bend!

Back on the M3 and it was full rush hour, so we crawled along the M3 to the Farnborough turn. By now it was nearly 08:00hrs.

We were now heading for Wokingham and hopefully out the back of Wokingham heading for Wargrave.

Despite roads being closed by the Police on our route we made reasonable progress until we got closer to Wokingham, where we stopped again in traffic. By this time Poppy was certain it was breakfast time and was telling me so! So, we made the decision to pull into Tesco's in Wokingham. We made it at about 09:00hrs.

Poppy had a new adventure, she went in a big girls trolley (see picture) around Tescos where we got some essential supplies. We then sat in the car, motor running to keep us warm, and i fed Poppy .. despite a few dollops of yougurt flying aorund the car, it was fairly successful, and by this time Poppy was enjoying herself!

So, having fed and watered we headed back onto the roads. Coming out of Wokingham on the A321 we came across another accident, this time 3 cars in the hedge, with Police and recovery trucks on the scene. This took us another 15mins to pass.

After that, one final obstucle got in our way, a flooded road, but by this time, we were ready for adventure and plowed through the floods on our final push to Wargrave!

We made Wargrave at just after 10:00hrs, a mere 4 hours after we left Southampton!

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