Sunday, 5 October 2008

Saturday 4th October 2008

Up early this morning! We are off to see my Mum and Dad for the day, and have a 2 hour drive.

We fed Poppy and got her dressed in her jean dress and tights, then we set off.

Tomtom decided to die half way there, so we had to fly solo!

We arrived at the shopping centre at 10.45am, parked as quick as possible and ran for the loo!

After the loo stop for all 3 of us, we went to John Lewis so Simon could have some breakfast.

We met Mum & Dad at 12pm under the clock, and then went to Starbucks for a coffee and to feed Poppy.

We then had a wonder around the shops and bought a few things for Poppy.

There was a Wedding Show on in the centre, and we bumped into Ann, who owns Ann's Bridal Rooms. That is where I got my wedding dress from last year, and it was so nice to see her again, and to show off Poppy!

We went to Waggamama's for lunch. It was a first for Mum & Dad, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!

We then went back to Mum & Dad's for coffee and to feed Poppy, again! It really is never ending! Cuddles all round and then it was time to put Poppy into her sleep suit and wrap her up warm for the journey home.

We left just before 6pm, stopped at the petrol station to fill up and then headed off towards the M1.

Now, there are lots of roadworks on the M1 at the moment, and we ended up in the wrong lane heading towards central London! We came off at the next junction, and got back on the M1 northbound! Little did we know, we could not get onto the M25 from this way, so we thought we would get off at the Hemel Hempsted turning and go from there! Please remember that Tomtom decided to give up the ghost 7 hours earlier!

I thought St Albans would help! Apparently not! So, we parked in the Hospital car park and looked at Simon's iPhone.

Off we go again and somehow we end up in Hatfield!!! Then we found the M25.

We arrived home, eventually, at 9.30 pm! Poor Poppy was past a feed and starving!

Simon discovered that one of the cats had been in Poppy's cot! There were muddy paw prints all over the place! Not a happy Mummy, I changed the sheets, and put a cot net over the top to stop them getting in.

Well, that's what I thought! Within minutes of having all clean sheets on, Gizmo (the devil's cat) was back in the cot! I then threw a hissy fit at him and changed the sheets again! I swear that cat is going to be given to social services very soon! I wonder if I could put him in the hippo bag?

I only changed the sheets yesterday! So, 3 sets of sheets later, Poppy was fed and asleep! We now have to shut the door when we go out so the evil cats don't get in there!

Now I was feeling very grumpy we went to bed!

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