Friday, 1 August 2008

The 1st 8 Weeks

Well, we have survived the first eight weeks of Poppy's life!

I don't know what I was expecting after the birth, but wow! this is a lot harder than I thought. The first six weeks were relatively easy. All Poppy did was eat and sleep with a few bad nappies in between. Then we reached week seven! Oh boy! Poppy decided that it would be funny to start being more alert and awake all day and most of the night, with a screaming fit between 6pm and 11pm each night. We are now frantically searching for toys to amuse and stimulate her!

We think she has colic, and is in agony for a couple of hours a day. We are getting on top of it now, using all sorts of drops to ease her pain.

Poppy and I have even started a baby massage class, which is free at our local community centre. There are 4 mum and 4 baby girls on the course (including us), and have made a new friend in Savannah. She is one day younger than Poppy.

The massage class was very good, we learnt how to massage Poppy's chest, arms and tummy. Although she screamed for most of it, I think she liked it! he he. We were warned that our babies could get very hungry, tired and wee and poop a lot after the massage! Poppy went through two wet nappies in the hour we were there, and fed for Britain!

When we got home, she fed some more and then slept all afternoon! I have to wake here up for her next feed! She also had a nappy from hell! The massage is working!

Next week we are going to learn how to massage the legs and feet and another style of tummy massage. We are both really looking forward to it!

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