Sunday, 4 May 2008

No Pink Please!

Its been a busy few weeks for our little bump Pip and Mum to be!

Jo was told that she had gestational diabetes, it has nothing to do with age, weight, family history etc .. it is to do with hormones! There are lots of websites on the subject so i won't give you my expert diagnosis here, however we did have an excellent midwife who explained it all to us. Basically it means Jo needs to be careful with what she eats and we will be visiting the hospital a bit more often!

A further blood test also showed that Jo has a high reading of some type in her liver, which could be related to the cold/virus she has had, or it could be a reason why she has had itchy feet / bump and hands!

This all equaled two sets of tablets that Jo is now taking through the day as well as testing her bloods 5 times a day!

Lastly, we had another scan and now know that Pip is in fact Miss Pip !

Attached to this post are the scan pics although they are not that clear, more because of how they are put on here, but Pip is certainly bigger than last time, in fact at the moment a healthly 4.4lbs. Which the consultant said was good .. big babies have a healthier life .. proven fact we were told !

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