Saturday, 12 January 2008

On the road again!

Here we go again!

Yes we are off on our travels again, and this time we have even more in tow, not just a pensioner but Nik, Caoimhe, and Pip on his/her first documented trip to the south west!

We are pacing ourselves this time and have traveled to Devon today and will make the final leg of the journey to Cornwall, tomorrow.

So we are holed up in a very nice Holiday Express Inn, just outside Exeter. As tradition dictates, we all set out at 6am this morning and converged on Exeter - coming from both Berkshire and Hampshire!

After a trip to Exeter town centre for Breakfast (see the breakfast blog) and the mandatory trip to the Apple Store we headed to some old haunts - Starcross and Dawlish.

In particular Nan will follow this as we re-visited some of Nan and Les's old haunts!!

See all the photos on our FlickR pages. If you go to the FlickR website there are comment to go along with the photos!

Starcross had changed little and Dawlish has manged to continue to be the very traditional sea side town, with very little change.

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