Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Holy Grail ?

Fistral Cafe.jpgFor those who have been following this blog from the start they will know that this rating of cooked breakfasts started in a cafe in Newquay many years ago! Well, we are back, and we today visited the location of the famous 10 out of 10 breakfast!

Firstly, we have to point out that the original establishment is no longer there, the cafe, although maintaining its name, has no doubt changed hands and has certainly been refurbished. The 'surfie' look of the original cafe has gone and now it is 'young' and 'trendy'. I actually think it is ok, and although the seats are a little tight it looks good and no doubted was well overdue for a face lift, but for some, it might not be that perfect cafe anymore!

So, to the breakfast. Well there as a number of choices but the three of us went for the 'Number 1' breakfast which included - sausage, egg, beans, hash browns, fried bread and bacon. And, for the first bonus point, a free cup of tea or coffee!

Tea / Coffee was good and the Orange Juice was also fresh.

Breakfast was cooked from fresh and was quick to arrive. Fresh egg, well cooked hash brown, well cooked bacon, and plenty of beans to 'gel' the breakfast together, and the toast was still warm.

It filled you up just right, you did not feel over full or bloated, it was just right.

But did it reach that magical 10 out of 10?

NO! - Why not, well for a number of reasons - too many beans, they swamped the plate, for the £4.75 we paid, a bottomless cup of tea/coffee would of been nice. Although a tomato was included in the bigger breakfast we think it should of been on our plate too (or mushrooms for those that like a mushroom or two!).

Also as a side note, and this did not loose the breakfast points, Sky News was playing on the TV Screens, nice to have some background music/noise - but not Sky News, who cares what politicians are doing when we are doing important things like having a cooked breakfast and planning the rest of our day!!!

The weather was foul and it prevented us being able to sit outside, i think in the past being able to sit outside and watch the world go by added an additional point.

9 out of 10.

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