Tuesday, 4 September 2007

South Coast

Another trip out today, again not too far, but nice to get a bit of 'sea' air!

We traveled to Dorset today, to be exact Bournemouth. After a quick stop at CastlePoint we headed for the centre and our intention was to walk along the beach until we found a pub. Mmmmm well that was the plan, it just so happens that a pub found us before we found the beach!

Anyhow, a nice lunch and then a walk to burn those lunch calories, well, that was the plan, but again, we found the car before the beach!!

So we went to the coast, and did not even see the sea! Oh well there is always a next time. Maybe we are getting in practice, seeing as we will be in the desert in a few weeks time and won't be anywhere near the sea?!

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