Sunday, 16 September 2007

Gatwick Flyer

Gatwick Flyer4 out of 10

So never one to miss an opportunity to rate a breakfast, and of course it would be rude not to try a cooked breakfast on holiday we decided to start our Las Vegas trip off with a cooked breakfast at Gatwick's south terminal. The terminal was jammed packed and with it being breakfast time seating was at a premium.

We managed to get a seat at the Wetherspoons pub and ordered our Gatwick Flyer breakfast! Thats where it started to go wrong .. breakfast menu was good, the price was reasonable (for an airport - £5.49 each) but what lost the breakfast its first point was having to order a breakfast at the bar with the smell of stale beer wafting around your nostrils. Saying that, beer (and Magners) was flowing well. I don't think i have mastered the drinking before 9am yet !!!

Ok so for the breakfast - well it was ok, but again points lost for having plastic cutlery. Another point went for the tomato not being cooked, yes i know tomatoes are not always the preferred choice but if they are on the plate, then they should be cooked! On the plus side the egg was good and runny, but thats about it!

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