Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Day 4 - Don't be worried!

Apple.jpgNow, i know a few of you maybe worried that i was having withdrawals - for those of you unaware, i have a slight addiction to 'Apple' not the fruit variety, but the electronic gadget variety. Which Jo is very understanding about (although i am sure that is a wifely duty ??!).

Well stop worrying, we found the Apple Store yesterday. Ok, so we might have had to walk 3 miles along the strip, and we might be aching a lot this morning, but we found it. And i was very good, i did not spend any money - not for wanting too, but the new iPod Touch was not in stock .. but hey, we have a few more days to revisit!

So Day 4 for us, one more day until the big day and we have decided not to walk so far today! In fact first job of the day is to get our wedding license or we won't be doing anything tomorrow - but its ok, the wedding bureau is open 24hrs a day - only in Vegas!

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