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Fifteen - Jamie Olivers Restaurant - 26th Nov 2006

7 out of 10.

Only 7 out of 10 for a Jamie Oliver breakfast!!! Well let me explain.

Beans, mushrooms and Sausages and the main reason that Jamie did not get a ten out of ten.

But lets first describe the setting, as that is worth a bonus point! Fifteen in Cornwall is the second Jamie Olive restaurant and is in Cornwall just around the corner from Newquay. It is a new building built in to the back of the beach in Watergate Bay. The view from the windows are great - you look out onto the beach and you could not ask for much more.

The breakfast, well it aint cheap! For the cooked breakfast it was £9.50 each. You do get the best of local produce and its all cooked freshed, which again is worth an extra point, but i guess does boost the price!

Beans - well as you would expect it was not Heinz. They were like butter beans and did not do the important job that normal beans do, which is gel the breakfast together.

Mushrooms - this is a personal one, but i hate mushrooms, and the bigger the mushroom, the more points get knocked off!! I do concede that they were fresh and i am sure if you were a mushroom lover you would like them.

Although bonus points were award, points had to be deducted for no hash browns and having to pay extra for each drink!

Great location, great staff - just not a ten out of ten breakfast!

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