Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hats, Macs and Boats!

Well, its been a busy week in terms of things we have gotten up too, and other news in the Butler world, and seeing as its been a while since we have added an entry to the blog, i feel its time to catch up!
First was my trip to Henley Regatta, my first ever visit!  Despite us living close to Henley as kids, and despite the fact that i have worked the Regatta for the Police in a number of roles i have never actually attended the Regatta itself, so when the opportunity arose through work to visit this last week, i took the chance!  
The reason for our visit was that The Oracle is sponsoring a rower for the Olympics next year and it was our chance to meet her and find out what the world of rowing is all about.

The rower in question is Debbie Flood, a Yorkshire lass, who moved to Reading University, and continued her rowing 'down south' - she became a member of the Leander Club in Henley and then went on to win two Silver medals in the last two Olympics.  We are sponsoring her boat for next year's Olympics!  It was a really interesting trip out, not only did we actually see some boats on the river, but we were also given a  tour of the Leander Club, a location where i have seen many times, but never thought i would get to peek inside!
The second bit of news, was from the Aussie Butler's, who made me very proud today when they announced a new addition to there family - they have welcomed to there household a new MacBook Pro!

And lastly, we had a trip to Winchester today, where we visited the Hat Fair.  The Hat Fair being a long standing festival in Winchester where they celebrate street entertainment - you know, the people that sit out in places like Covent Garden and try and entertain you, and when they are done, they hold out there hat, and ask you to make a donation, hence the name 'Hat Fair'
We had a really good day.  The weather was superb, and despite taking a little time to find the main location for the fair, it was well worth the wander.  As you can guess, i took just a few pictures, and they can now be found on our FlickR account.  The first picture of Poppy in this blog was taken after Poppy has her face painted, this time she was a rabbit!
So all in all a good week!

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