Saturday, 16 April 2011

Poppy's 1st horse riding lesson

Today was the day that I may live to regret!

Poppy's first horse riding lesson!

We took daddy into town (apparently he is not a fan of horses!) and then sped off to West End and Russell's Equestrian School.  We turned up and had a look around at all the horses in their stables, the dogs & cats and the pig! Yep, they have a big black pig as a pet and he lives in a stable!  We had to find a riding hat that would fit Poppy's head. Size 0!
Then we went off to find Flossie. Flossie is the pony that Pops was going to ride.
First we had to get Flossie's bridle and saddle. Carol (the trainer) showed Pops how to carry it, and in the pics you can see her walking to Flossie's stable with her tackle.
Poppy said hello and waved at Flossie when we met her, then Carol showed us how to say a horsey hello!
Poppy then was shown how to put on the bit and reins and saddle, then I helped her into the saddle! She loved it! We walked through the yard and out to the field.  Poppy had a really good time and was even telling Flossie to stand and walk on .Here are some pics video of Poppy's adventure!

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